General Rules

  1. If any selection which makes up part of a multiple becomes void, then the multiple itself does not become void. For example, if 3 matches are chosen to form a treble and one match later becomes void, the bet becomes a double; a 4-fold bet becomes a treble and so on. Even if all but one of the selections are void, the bet will still stand as a single.

  2. No multiple bets can be accepted where individual legs are 'connected'. For example, one leg of a 'double' is for Nadal to beat Federer in the 4th Round at Wimbledon and the second or additional leg is for Nadal to win the overall Wimbledon title. The match forms part of the overall tournament and is therefore 'connected'. Should such a bet be accepted in error the stake will be divided equally between the connected selections.

  3. Similarly, no two legs of a multiple bet can be placed from the same individual event. For example, Chelsea are playing Liverpool and you choose as your first leg 'Chelsea to win 2-0', from the 'Correct Score' market; you cannot now add an additional selection from within this game to form another leg of your multiple, whatever the market. This includes the 'Win/Draw/Win' market.

  4. All sports are governed by the rules set out in + General Rules and Horse Racing unless the rules specific to that sport specify differently.

  5. Please refer to out "Terms and Conditions" regarding limits and related issues.

Horse Racing

Ante-post Betting
  1. Ante-post prices are offered on most major horse racing events up to 3 days prior to the scheduled day of the race. Ante-post bets are accepted on the basis of all in run, unless a "with a run" price is offered. Stakes are lost if an ante-post selection does not take part. No deductions are made to winning ante-post bets.

  2. Where weather or outside influences cause an event to be postponed or rescheduled to another day then ante-post bets will stand, provided that the entries are not re-opened.

  3. Ante-post bets on horse racing will be void if the race is officially abandoned or declared void, or the conditions of the race or venue are altered. Should bets be void due to these circumstances then any multiple bet, which includes this selection will be paid out on the remaining selections.

Feature Race Multiples
  1. The horseracing year provides occasions when the same selection can be backed to win two different events.

  2. In these events the multiple bet will be reduce by 1/3 (one third) of the accumulated odds. Clients are not permitted to place a wager on the same selection at the accumulative odds. If accepted in error, bets will be settled at the odds quoted as normal, for the first event to take place, and our next available odds after the first event for that selection for the subsequent event.

Example: El Pica to win the Cape Met - 10/1 El Pica to win the Durban July - 20/1 > Ante-post Double Price - 230/1 * 66% = 150/1 A normal multiplied odds multiple is not permitted.

SP or Starting Price

SP or Starting Price refers to the fixed odds price of a horse when the race starts, or the last available fixed odds price on that horse. For further descriptions on various bet types, please see our betting Glossary (link at the bottom of the page).

Withdrawals / Scratchings

In all horse races, excluding ante-post bets, if a horse is withdrawn without coming under starters orders it is treated as a non-runner. A deduction may be made from the winnings of bets struck at a fixed price and, if there is insufficient time to form a new market / starting price the starting price will be subject to the same deduction. The deduction will be defined in accordance with the following table.

Price On Withdrawn Horse Win Deduction %
.30 / 1 - Shorter 75%
.31 / 1 - .40 / 1 70%
.41 / 1 - .53 / 1 65%
.54 / 1 - .62 / 1 60%
.63 / 1 - .80 / 1 55%
.81 / 1 - .95 / 1 50%
.96 / 1 - 1.2 / 1 45%
1.21 / 1 - 1.5 / 1 40%
1.51 / 1 - 1.75 / 1 35%
1.76 / 1 - 2.25 / 1 30%
2.26 / 1 - 3.00 / 1 25%
3.01 / 1 - 4.00 / 1 20%
4.01 / 1 - 5.50 / 1 15%
5.51 / 1 - 10.00 / 1 10%
10.1 / 1 - higher No deduction

Open Place

No Open places or fixed odds places will be accepted, except for feature events and in those races fixed place prices will be offered. In all other events the place payout of a selection will be calculated from the SP of the selection, which in all cases will be better than or equal to the official SP price. Please note that any place bets taken for races with 2 to 4 runners will not be refunded but will be paid out on the winner only or in other words only one place will be paid and the place dividend will be the same as the win SP

Place Terms
All Races
2 - 4 0
5 - 7 2
8 - 13 3
14 - 20 4
21 or more 5

(Please be advised that in certain exceptional circumstances we may not be able to offer this bet.)


  1. Straight bets are accepted on the all matches where betting quoted by us.

  2. All soccer match bets apply to full 90 minutes play unless otherwise stated. This includes injury time but not extra time and golden goal or penalty shoot-out. In certain tournaments we may offer odds for a team to progress to the next round, and it is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the correct option is chosen before submitting a wager. Also note that some friendly matches are scheduled for less than 90 minutes and as such all bets will be settled on the actual result when the match finishes (excluding extra time or penalties), irrespective of whether the full 90 minutes is played.

  3. Bets are accepted up to kick off time. Any selection inadvertently taken where the kick off time was earlier than when the wager was accepted will be void. All remaining selections in that bet will stand.

  4. Should a match be abandoned before 90 minutes play then all bets will be declared void unless the outcome of that bet has already been decided i.e. the first goal has been scored.

  5. Bets placed on postponed matches will stand so long as the game is played within 24 hours of the original scheduled kick off time and the venue remains the same.

  6. If a game has no goals the time of first goal bets will be settled at 90 minutes.

  7. Bets relating to time will be settled according to the timing on the broadcaster's clock. Where no clock is available to us, or the game is not on television, then the wager and other related bets will be settled according to the information published on the internet or by the press with preference to the internet.

  8. For multiple bets the maximum number of draws which can be included in any single line is five.

  9. First and last goal scorer bets and other specials such as bookings will be settled according information published on the internet or by the press with preference to the internet. Please note that cards shown to non-players (managers, substitutes on the bench) do NOT count. Yellow Card = 1, Red Card = 2, Max card count per player = 3 (2nd yellow cards are ignored)


  1. Where a golfer withdraws before the start of a tournament then all bets on that participant will be declared void provided that the bet was placed not more than two weeks prior to the official start of the event.

  2. A player who tees off is deemed under orders and all outright and 18 hole bets stand. In 2-ball, 3-ball and 4-ball bets all 18 holes must be completed. If a player fails to complete he is deemed a loser regardless of score.

  3. When a tournament is reduced by weather or other outside influences then bets will be settled on the outright winner as long as eighteen holes have been played except where the tournament is played on a different course every day when all bets will be declared void. If a player should, having teed off, withdraw during the tournament for whatever reason then he will be deemed to have finished last for betting purposes. For three ball betting dead heat rules apply. A tie will be quoted for two ball betting and where a tie occurs all bets on players are losers.

  4. In the event of a player withdrawing before the start of a specified 2 BALL or 3 BALL: All bets on that 2 or 3 ball will be declared void. (If a player plays one shot of his 2 or 3 ball he is deemed as a runner).

  5. In the case of 72 Hole Match bets whichever player completes the most holes is deemed the winner. If both players complete the same amount of holes the player with the lowest score is deemed the winner, Play-offs to count.

  6. In the event of player listed in a trio withdrawing before the event has started all bets on that specific trio are void. If for any reason a player either withdraws or is disqualified, during the tournament, all bets will stand on that trio. A player is deemed to have started in the event if he plays one stroke in the event. If two players are tied on the same score they will be settled as a dead heat for betting purposes, unless they are involved in a play off, where the winner of the play off will be the winner of the trio. The winner of the trio is the golfer with the lowest finishing position, if all three golfers miss the cut the player with the lowest score will be deemed the winner.


  1. All boxing matches include the draw therefore bets on either boxer are losers if the fight ends in a draw.

  2. If any fighter fails to answer the bell at the beginning of a round, the fight is deemed to have finished in the previous round for the purposes of round by round betting.

  3. All fights must take place at the scheduled date and venue to have action.

  4. If the fight conditions are altered, ie: different date or venue, all bets will be void.

  5. If the scheduled duration of the fight is altered in time or number of rounds then all bets will be void, with the exception of bets on the Winners market (To win the fight), which will stand.

Rugby (Both Codes)

  1. A handicap tie price will be quoted and if the game is a draw on handicap, then all bets on both sides, for the win, will be losers.

  2. All bets are settled on 80 minutes play. Extra time does not count for betting purposes unless otherwise stated.

  3. Fixed odds / Scratch prices are available on all major matches and include a draw price. Winning margin betting is from scratch.

  4. Abandoned and postponed matches are deemed void for betting purpose unless they are replayed within 36 hours.

  5. Penalty tries will count for the purposes of time of first try bets. If a price is quoted for penalty try in our first try scorer betting, bets on players will be losers. If no price is quoted then the penalty try will be ignored for betting purposes.

  6. All bets on the 1st Try scorer markets will stand regardless of the player playing or not. No Markets will be scratched even if the player does not take the field. Players will be added should they be listed. In the unlikely event of an unlisted player scoring the 1st try, the NEXT try scorer will be deemed the winner of "1st Try scorer". Bets apply for 80 minutes ONLY

  7. With Regard to Spreads - Shirt Numbers will be settled based on the numbers 1 to 22 ONLY. Should any player with a number bigger than 22 score, then that player's ORIGINAL shirt number will be used. Bets apply for 80 minutes ONLY

  8. PROMOTION /RELEGATION As from 2012, two promotion/relegation matches will be played at the end of the each season, the team with the lowest number of log points in the Currie Cup Premier Division, will play two promotion/relegation matches, home and away, against the team with the most number of log points in the Currie Cup First Division as follows: Premier Division 6 versus First Division 1 (home & away) The first round match will be played at the venue of the team from the Premier Division and the second round match at the venue of the team from the First Division. These matches will be played in accordance with paragraph 8 of Section 2 - Log Points Format - of the Rules of the Competition. After completion of the promotion/relegation matches, the team with the most log points accumulated during these two matches will play in the Currie Cup Premier Division in the following season. In the event of an equal number of log points, the winner will be determined as follows: a) the best nett points difference i.e. points for minus points against, and if equal, b) the team who scored the most tries, and if equal, c) the status quo will remain.

Motor Racing

  1. Outright formula One championship and race bets are all in whether the race is complete or not.

  2. In the event of a disqualification the official podium positions, declared immediately after the race, determine the settlement of bets.


  1. All bets shall stand irrespective of whether the athlete competes or not.

  2. All bets will be settled on the medal ceremony regardless of any subsequent disqualification.


  1. All outright bets (To Win the Tournament / Lift the Cup, that is finalised on completion of the tournament) shall stand irrespective of whether the player competes.

  2. In the event of a match starting but not being completed then all bets (including set betting) will be void for that game.

  3. There is no time frame given with regards to postponement of tennis matches. Postponements can go on indefinitely, and as long as the tournament goes ahead and the match is going to take place, this match will not be scratched or refunded.

Lucky Numbers

  1. Any bet taken after the first ball is drawn shall be void

  2. All bets will be settled based on the Lottery rules of the respective jurisdictions in which they are played.

  3. The results of a draw will be accepted and posted by Marshall’s World of Sport in accordance with the first official result of that particular draw as provided by the controlling authority’s website irrespective of any subsequent revocation of that result due to disqualification or otherwise.

  4. The bet types will vary from draw to draw and will be notably different on the number of balls in the ‘drum’ the number of balls drawn and the number of bonus balls.

  5. If for any reason a draw does not take place or no result is announced by the controlling authority then all valid bets on that draw will stand provided such draw is held within 24 hours of the original draw .In the event a lottery draw is postponed beyond

  6. Bonus Ball ‘High’ or ‘Low’ bets Lower that 25 = 1 to 24 and Higher than 25 = 26 to 49.the number 25 is deemed a losing bet for all 49 number draws.


One Day and Pro20 (Twenty20)

  1. All match and totals bets in an innings are void and stakes will be refunded in the event of a no result or abandoned match. This rule applies even when one innings has been completed.

  2. When a match is tied then top batsmen and totals bets shall stand. Match bets are void and stakes will be returned unless tie betting is quoted or the tournament rules include an additional method of determining the match winner, i.e. Duckworth/Lewis (D/L) method, "bowl out" etc.

  3. All wagers on matches that are reduced in length but not abandoned, including in running bets, will stand provided that the match has been completed and an official result declared. This rule applies whether the Duckworth/Lewis method or some other form of calculation is used to determine the official result.

  4. All totals bets on a single innings will stand regardless of how many overs have been bowled so long as an official result is declared.

  5. Bets will stand for all postponed matches so long as they are played within the week. If there is any change of venue bets will be declared void. If the tournament rules state that a game is abandoned and will be replayed, then all bets on the abandoned game will be declared void.

  6. Top Batsmen bets will stand as long as the player is picked to play in the match irrespective of whether he bats or not.

  7. Head to head bets require at least one ball to have been bowled and a minimum of 20 overs to have been bowled or the relevant innings to have been completed to stand. Ties will be void.

  8. All bets on an individual batsman's runs will be void if he doesn't face at least one ball or is the next batsman at the crease.

  9. Dead heat rules apply for top batsman betting.

Five day matches

  1. Top batsman rules as for one day matches.

  2. If a ball is not bowled all bets will be declared void.

  3. A draw price is quoted and win bets on side will be losers if the game ends in a tie.

  4. For test series the designated number of matches must be played or all bets will be voided.

  5. If the match is drawn, in order for the "draw" to be declared a winner 350 overs must have been bowled. If 350 overs have not been completed then all bets will be declared null and void. Should this selection form part of a multiple, as in all other situations, this selection will be voided and the outcome of the multiple will be declared on the remaining selections.

Supa Soccer Scramble

  1. The object is to pick the winning result of all (either, 4. 6, or 7) scheduled events.

  2. The selections are made by selecting 1, 2, or 3 corresponding to the selections listed below the selection box.

  3. The unit of bet is R5 and the minimum bet is R5

  4. If matches are Abandoned, cancelled and rescheduled and are not completed within 24 hours of the originally scheduled start time, the game will be declared as abandoned and all choices for the match, will qualify as winners. World of Sport reserve the right to change this rule should other sites betting on this type of event not declare the event scratched, void or abandoned.

  5. If all the games scheduled for this bet are abandoned or not played within the scheduled time then all bets will be refunded .All results are based on the score at the end of normal play ie. 90minutes/Full Time only.

Greyhound Racing - (FIXED Odds/SP Betting)

A greyhound race in the UK typically comprises a six-dog field. The dogs are loaded into traps, and after release chase the electric hare, which runs on a rail on the outside of the track. The starting trap positions are numbered 1-6, as are the greyhounds. The standard jacket colours worn by the greyhounds are as follows:

  • Trap One – Red
  • Trap Two – Blue
  • Trap Three – White
  • Trap Four – Black
  • Trap Five – Orange
  • Trap Six – Black/White stripes

WIN (Win Single) Select any greyhound to finish first. PLACE Select any greyhound to be either first or second. FORECAST Select two greyhounds to be first & second in order. TRICAST Select three greyhounds to be first, second & third in order.

  • Forecast bets will only be accepted in races with at least three runners.
  • If a bet is accepted in error on a race with only two greyhounds, or a race reduced to only two greyhounds, Forecast bets will stand and be settled as Singles, at the SP, on the greyhound selected to finish first.
  • Straight Forecasts are settled in accordance with the Greyhound Computer Forecast returns.
  • If a Forecast contains a named non-runner this will be settled as a win Single on the remaining runner. This would also apply where there is a vacant trap or a reserve greyhound.
  • In a Forecast where a reserve greyhound runs, the Forecast will stand, unless the greyhounds are named.
  • In a Combination Forecast, where a selection becomes a non-runner, the total stake of the bet will be divided equally between the possible Forecast combinations. This will be achieved using the remaining selections with the Forecasts including the non-runner becoming win singles.
  • Tricast bets are only accepted in races where an official Tricast return is declared by the service provider. If no Tricast dividend is returned, bets will be settled as Straight Forecast on the first two selections.
  • Selections must finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the correct order in races where an official Tricast dividend is declared.
  • Selections can be named, although Trap numbers will be taken provided there can only be one interpretation of the required selections. In the event of any ambiguity (i.e.: if the same selection is repeated) but the duplicate solution and other selection win, the bet will be settled as a Forecast.
  • Tricasts are accepted in Singles only and if a Tricast Doubles bet is taken in error the total stakes for the doubles will be divided and invested equally as Tricast Singles for the selected races.
  • Where one of the named greyhounds, selected in Tricast, becomes a non-runner and regardless of whether a reserve runs in its place, the bet will become a Forecast on the remaining two selections.
  • In a Tricast where Trap numbers are selected and a reserve greyhound runs, the Tricast will stand.
  • When two named greyhounds become non-runners, regardless of whether reserves run in their places, the Tricast will be settled as a Single on the remaining runner.
  • Instructions for permutations must be specific, otherwise the bet will be settled as a Straight Tricast to the stake invested.
  • A Tricast which includes an Unnamed Favourite is not accepted and will be declared void, with stakes returned.
  • Any named greyhound which becomes a non-runner will be void, even if the greyhound is replaced by a reserve running from the same trap number. Should both the name and trap number be listed we will refer to the trap number for settlement purposes.
  • If a named greyhound runs from a different trap number than the one listed at the time the bet was struck, the bet will stand.
  • Bets for unnamed second or third Favourites in Greyhound races are not acceptable and if taken in error will be void.
  • If a greyhound is withdrawn from a race, no further Board Prices will be available until a new market has been formed. If an Early or Board Price is taken and a greyhound is then withdrawn, the bet will be settled at SP. If a Trap number is selected, then the bet will be settled on the trap regardless of whether a reserve is running. However, if a price is taken, this price relates to a specific greyhound and if that greyhound has become a non-runner, the bet will be void and the stake will be refunded. If a greyhound’s name is selected and that selection becomes a non-runner the bet will be void and the stake will be refunded.

If a race is re-scheduled to be run later the same day, bets will be settled as follows:

  • All single bets stand, unless a refund is requested prior to the start of the re-scheduled race
  • Any selections for a re-scheduled race in a multiple bet will stand for that race
  • If the race does not take place all bets will be void
  • If a Board or Early price has been taken on a re-scheduled race, bets will revert to SP

A ‘no race’ refers to the situation where the dogs are in the traps and the hare is running but the traps fail to open. Stakes will be refunded providing that they are claimed prior to the race being re-run at a later stage during the same meeting.


In a dead heat for 1st place the stake money on a winning selection is divided by the number of winners in a dead heat. The full odds will be paid to the divided stake, with the remainder of the stake money being lost. (i.e. £10 bet at 6/1 on a greyhound horse that dead heats with one other greyhound for first place is paid at the rate of £5 at 6/1, giving a total return of £35.). A similar rule applies to the place part of a bet where as a result of a dead heat more than the required number of selections is placed.



The market involves predicting which group of Trap numbers will win a particular race (i.e.: Even = Traps 2, 4, and 6. Odds = Traps 1, 3 and 5).

  • Win only bets accepted
  • If there are any non-runners and/or reserves, bets are void.

The market involves predicting which trap number will provide the most winners at a meeting. This bet is available win only. Multiple bets are accepted as long as the bet is not related. If a related bet is accepted in error, the bet will be voided. The Trap Challenge only applies on races at a specified meeting or on races between times specified.

  • The Trap Challenge is not affected by reserves, vacant traps, void races, meetings which are abandoned after
  • they have started, or races where a SP is not returned.
  • If a race finishes as a dead-heat between two greyhounds, each trap will receive a ‘half win’, if it is a three-way dead-heat, each trap will receive a ‘one-third win’ and so on.
  • If a meeting does not start, all bets on an individual Trap Challenge will be void.
  • If a meeting has started and a minimum of three races have resulted, the result of the Trap Challenge will stand.
  • In the event of a meeting (s) being cancelled in a combined meeting trap challenge, bets will be settled on the other meetings providing more than one meeting remains.
  • In the event that only one meeting remains in a combined trap challenge market, the bet will be voided.
  • If two or more traps record the same number of wins, dead-heat rules apply.

Where special multiples are available (i.e.: Doubles, Trebles and upwards) the following rules will apply:

  • Win bets only are accepted. Any Each Way bets taken in error will be settled to win.
  • If any of the featured greyhounds are non-runners all bets will be settled on the remaining selections at SP.
  • If any non-runners or reserves are involved in the selected races, all bets will be settled at SP.
  • Where a rule is not specifically covered in these greyhound rules, the equivalent rule stated in the Horse racing section will apply, where appropriate.