About Us

Marshalls World of Sport has over the years grown to become one of the most dynamic and trusted bookmaking groups in South Africa. We offer extensive betting on horseracing and international sporting events via telephone, internet, mobile phone and our numerous cash outlets in KZN, Eastern Cape, Gauteng and the Western Cape.

Since 1963 when John Marshall opened his first betting operation, and in 1966 when Dawn Marshall became the first lady bookmaker in South Africa, Marshall's World of Sport has grown in stature and reputation to be respected leaders of the industry in South Africa.

The firm employs over 500 staff and attracts a large client base, with customers ranging from those who enjoy a relatively small wager on their favourite sport to the big money players.

Betting opportunities offered include all major sports including football, horseracing, golf, rugby, cricket, tennis, boxing and many more. Spread betting is offered on all major sports.

All accounts are managed at our head office where trained call centre staff are available to take customers through the entire process, quickly and easily, from opening an account, checking and accepting bets, answering queries and arranging settlement.

Our call centre number is 08600 SPORT/08600 77678. All branches are linked via VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) Phones for improved communication.

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